Fleet of Bikes

Our Bikes

BMW R1200GS Rallye bikes that are ready for anything!

Our Main feet is a pack of New in July 2017 BMW R1200 GS Rallye bikes. All bikes are fully loaded and have full aluminium panniers if required. We have several factory lowered bikes, ideal even for the shortest legged rider. All bikes come with full BMW Sat Nav systems controlled on the bars. We will be adding our fleet shortly. We also have other models available if required.

Fleet of Bikes


The bikes come with:

  • radiator and frame guards
  • wide enduro pegs
  • duel seats
  • sports windscreen
  • cross spoked wheels
  • riding modes, ASC
  • hand guards and fairing fastners.


Our bikes also have additional:

  • Dynamic tracton control
  • LED headlights
  • daytime riding lights
  • hill start control
  • addional dynamic riding modes
  • heated grips
  • tyre presure control
  • LED indicators
  • ABS Pro and Dynamic ESA
  • keyless ignition
  • on board computer Pro
  • GPS bracket
  • cruise control.