Advanced Off Road Techniques

Guided Off Road Tour in Spain

Our Advanced Off Road Technique courses are designed for those looking to increase their skill level for full Off Road Adventures. The courses are a requirement for those riders wishing to come on our Ultimate Morocco OffRoad Tours. This is to ensure everyone is capable and has the relevant techniques for our Tours as these are not suitable for normal road riders. The Courses are also great fun for Off Road Dirt bike riders to see the transfer of skills to a larger Adventure bikes. For those that have done many of the good Off Road courses available in the UK it is ideal to see those skills out on the open trails and different terrain. Whilst it is a course our emphasis is one of teaching on the move.


  • Day 1 Arrive at base and go out for a meal and a few drinks.
  • Day 2 Cover some of the basic techniques including climbing and descending.
  • Day 3 More advanced techniques including some sand training.
  • Day 4 Relax then fly home.

Tour Diary for 2020/21

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