On/Off Road In Spain

Guided Tour in Spain

Our on/off road tours enable GS owners or others looking for a GS experience to ride the amazing landscapes of Southern Spain. Our experienced guides will show you some of the best roads and trails in Spain.

Ideal for the GS owner to know the techniques when encountering gravel roads and basic trails.

Riders are taught the basic principals of Off Road riding and then guided on appropriate trails. Teaching continues each day covering different surfaces and situations. Find out just how capable these bikes really are.

Many riders have done some of the excellent Off Road teaching courses, this is an ideal environment to put some of those skills into practice.

Experienced Off Road Riders can Join us on the Cowboy On/Off Road Tour, combining Twisty Roads and beautiful Off Road trails. Ideal as an introduction for those of you that are considering joining us on the Ultimate On/Off Road Morocco Tour.


  • Day 1 Arrive at base and evening meal and drinks
  • Day 2 On/Off Training Day going through the basics whilst riding the trails and twisty roads
  • Day 3/4/5 On/Off road riding
  • Day 3/6 Relax and depart to the airport
Southern Spain BMW Motorcycle Holidays

Tour Diary for 2024/25

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