Spanish Twisties Tour

Guided Tour in Spain

If you are looking for a full bike riding fix then the Twisties Tour is the one for you. 2 days of a thousand bends (we are not sure about that but it feels like it!). We have put together the very best twisty bend roads we know into a 2 day riding fest. Not a strait road in sight, coupled with a special overnight stay this is a great bike fix. Many of the roads less well known… Our secret!


  • Arrive at Base chill and have a nice meal in the evening
  • Bend, Bend, Bend, Lunch, more Bends
  • Bend, Bend, Bend, Lunch, more Bends
  • Chill and Fly home
  • Day 5 To Be confirmed...
Southern Spain BMW Motorcycle Holidays

Tour Diary for 2020/21

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