Big thanks to all the Toro Adventure team…

WOW! Came back recently from a solo adventure week riding one of ToroAdventure’s 2017 BMW GS1200 Rallye, fitted with Aluminium luggage & Sat-Nav (brilliant) but on a par with the immaculate machine was the precise arrangements which included picking me up from Malaga Airport and a very comfortable first night at Toro HQ (luxury Villa).

Day one was spent riding a cocktail of road & off road trails in the Taberna desert with a visit to Fort Bravo (Must see) where a lot of the infamous spaghetti westerns were shot on location with its ale pulling saloon bar and a simulated gunfight. It was an absolute fabulous and very welcome couple of hours off the Bike basking in the sun.

Rather than attempt to write about my best ever motorcycle trip to Europe I shall just add a selection of some of the magical places and roads I travelled quite often covering twisty biking roads which made every gear other than 2nd & 3rd redundant.

Toro booked all my hotels and had programmed my sat-nav to ride some of the finest roads in Spain while Lyndon (main man) stayed in contact with me through out my adventure and showed me nothing but 5 star hospitality.

Big thanks to all the Toro Adventure team who played apart in making my trip everything and more I have just briefly written about but finally the proof of my satisfaction is I have booked two Bikes for the end of May and really looking forward to getting back to this biking adventure Mecca called Toro.

Murray, Belfast
March 2018